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Renewable energies

EBNC represents majors players on the renewable energies for the transformation of non-recyclable solid waste from cities and large producers of waste. Therefore, renewable energies can be produced in large amount in cities were an integrated approach exists.

Cogeneration Thermal Power Plant (5 MW , 10 MW)

Co-generation (Combined Heat and Power) uses a heat engine or a power station to simultaneously generate both electricity and useful heat. In a separate production of electricity, some energy must be rejected as waste heat, but in co-generation the thermal energy is put to good use.
We have projects to generate electrical power from several sources, such as: sugar cane waste, rice husk, and other types of biomass, including African grass. We adapt our projects to our customer need and ensure sustainability of their operation.

Recycling plant for plastic waste

This solution take into consideration plastics normally found in as urban solid waste as the input to produce diverse construction material that can easily replace wood.

Those are some of products produced on these plastic recycling plant:

Synthetic fuel or synfuel Plant

It is possible to produce synfuel from coal, natural gas, oil shale, or biomass. It may also be obtained from other solids such as plastic or rubber waste. 

EBNC uses that technology as another alternative to recycle solid waste in our integrated approach to solid waste management plastic. 

Comparaison between synfuel Diesel Fuel and conventional Diesel Fuel