EBNC - Enterprise Brazil Nigeria Company Limited (RC 940749) Nigeria 

Our Mission

The areas of activities such as, agribusiness  and renewable energies are in great development with everyday new solutions and technology at our disposal. We need reasonable resources to maintain the same pace and give latest sustainable solutions to our customers. Therefore, our mission is to become a reference company in these areas by providing profitable, participatory, innovative and sustainable development solutions to our customers and alleviate poverty. Mainain alive a south-south cooperation in order to share adapted agricultural and renewable solutions to our climate, economic and social conditions

We endeavor our solutions to :
  • Develop technical skills and welfare of our staff and local communities.
  • Provide environment friendly solutions,
  • Fight against desertification, 
  • Prevent erosion 
  • Improving degraded rural lands to increase fertility
  • Bring along local communities in our projects providing job opportunities to all

Our Vision

To increase our presence international partnership by providing high quality, innovative, participative and sustainable solutions. Therefore, working in line with nature and doing our best to aleviate poverty.

Our Values

  • Innovation : To ensure always a competitive advantage and differentiation. Enable on the edge solutions to be revealed.
  • Intensity: To seek the best way to overcome the expected results. Look for excellency in our solutions and services. 
  • Performance: To deliver well managed projects and evaluate our key performance indicator (KPI) ensuring good performance and reduces risks. 
  • Sustainability: To develop accessible and feasible solutions respecting all morals, social, environmental and political diversities . Collaborating to build a better world.