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International Marketing  Director Brazil Branch

Eng. Jorge de Tenorio
Civil Engineer, CREA DF  20262/D-DF, M.Sc  Information Technology Engineer and Applied Mathematics by Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, France, Former United Nations International Staff with Project Management experience in Africa, Europe and South America, Certified Manager on Emergency Management for Natural and Political Disasters. At EBNC he is developing business projects in Africa, in NIgeria and ECOWAS (Economic Community Of West Africa States). 

Director General Nigeria

Mr. Charles Adzo

Director of Operations

Engineer  Hajime Habe

Engineer with large experience on project design and management for agribusiness, power cogeneration, renewable energies (Ethanol, Sugar, Electrical Power), Small Hydro Electric Plant, Photovoltaic, Thermoelectric Power Plant from Biomass and Solid Waste Management.

Director of Civil Engineering and Solid Waste Management

Engineer  Fatima Có

Engineer and former Presidente for CREA DF, Regional Counsel for Engineers, Geologist and Architects DF, with large experience in construction of government buildings and infrastructure comples, Solid Waste Management, construction of residential building.

Director of Water Resources

Engineer Rogers Sarmento Bispo

Geologist has a large experience in Water and Sanitation activities. It includes geological water resource investigation to strategically detects recommended locations for boreholes (Artesian and semi-artesian wells), drilling, operations and treatment of irrigation and drinkable water. He is also expert on treatment of polluted water resources to restore them to acceptable health levels.

Director of Family Farming and Rural Cooperatives

PhD Ravi Sharma

PhD in Agriculture Engineering for agriculture business. Former EMBRAPA (Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa em Agricultura - Brazilian Agriculture Research Enterprise, Federal Ministry of Agriculture). He is expert and griculture researcher for sustainable agriculture cultivation in the areas of Cerrados (Savanna) and Semi-Arido (Semi Desertic), agricultural project design and education. He has large work experience in Europe (The Netherlands) and Brazil, published several works on sustainable agriculture.